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SaaS Marketing Consultant. From $0 to 8 Figure Sale!

Written by: Tim Eisenhauer

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SaaS Marketing Consultant

As a SaaS founder, you’re likely juggling countless tasks and may need expert help to scale your business. That’s where SaaS marketing consultants come in. These specialists command higher fees than general marketing consultants, and it’s not without reason. They bring a wealth of knowledge and targeted strategies to propel your SaaS company’s revenue trajectory.

Typically, SaaS marketing consultants charge between $100 to $500 per hour, or $800 to $4000 per day, depending on the level of engagement. While this might seem steep, consider that an average head of marketing at a SaaS company earns $100k-$200k annually. When you break down their hourly rate, it’s $60-$120, excluding equity and bonuses. So, are SaaS marketing consultants worth the investment? We believe they are, and we’re here to tell you why.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding SaaS Marketing Consultants: SaaS Marketing Consultants are specialized professionals who aid in the growth of B2B SaaS businesses using data-backed strategies such as growth marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization. They help create demand for SaaS products and increase the number of subscribers through targeted marketing activities.
  • Evaluating Costs: While SaaS Marketing Consultants’ fees may seem high, ranging from $100 to $500 per hour, or $800 to $4000 per day, the specialized services they offer often provide an outsized impact on revenue that justifies the investment.
  • The Importance of Hiring a SaaS Marketing Consultant: SaaS Marketing Consultants bring a needed understanding of the particular dynamics of the SaaS industry to their clients. They offer tailored marketing strategies, aid in increasing customer acquisition rates, and help in optimizing conversion rates.
  • How to Choose the Right SaaS Marketing Consultant: Look for proven industry experience, strong marketing skills, a solid track record, and exceptional communication skills. These key factors are crucial in ensuring that you select a consultant capable of effectively addressing the unique needs of your company.
  • Major Benefits of Hiring a SaaS Marketing Consultant: Engaging a SaaS Marketing Consultant not only saves time and resources but it can lead to substantial improvements in the company’s revenue and ROI. They offer new perspectives and provide expert advice and guidance based on years of industry experience.
SaaS Marketing Consultant

SaaS Marketing Consultant

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What is a SAAS Marketing Consultant?

Definition of SAAS

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, a method of software delivery where applications are accessed and hosted online. These products tend to be subscription-based and have a cloud-based nature, allowing users to bypass typical hardware-based setups. SaaS has been growing in popularity over the past years. Businesses across sizes and sectors are gravitating towards these solutions due to their scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Definition of Marketing Consultant

A Marketing Consultant is an individual or firm with expertise in strategies to attract and retain customers, enhance product branding and awareness, and help drive business growth. They bring in their unique blend of experience, industry knowledge, and innovative thinking into your organizational setup.

In the context of SaaS, a SaaS Marketing Consultant brings focused knowledge on the specific techniques to grow a SaaS business. They’re not just general marketing consultants. Their primary role is to aid B2B SaaS businesses through data-backed strategies, such as growth marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization. They work to create a demand for SaaS products and increase the number of subscribers through targeted marketing activities.

Committing to a marketing consultant might seem like a daunting investment, considering their fees can range from $100 to $500 per hour, or $800 to $4000 per day. However, considering the specialized services they offer and the potential revenue trajectory, it’s undoubtedly an investment worth contemplating.

  Hourly Rate ($) Daily Rate ($)
SaaS Marketing Consultant’s Fees 100 – 500 800 – 4000

While we’re on the topic of cost, consider this for a moment. A full-time veteran marketing head at a SaaS company makes anywhere between 100 to 200k annually, turning out to $60 to $120 per hour. This number doesn’t even include extras like equity and bonuses. Working with a SaaS consultant is not just about the cost but also about the value they bring, with their capacity to provide outsized impact on revenue.

  Annual Salary ($) Hourly Rate ($)
Full-time Marketing Head at SaaS Company 100,000 – 200,000 60 – 120

In the next part of our article, we’ll delve deeper into the benefits of hiring a SaaS Marketing Consultant, and how it could potentially revolutionize your business growth.

Why Hire a SAAS Marketing Consultant?

As we navigate through the complexities of growing a SaaS business, it’s essential to unpack the reasons why hiring a SaaS marketing consultant could be a game-changing move.

Understands the SAAS Industry

The SaaS space is unique and moves at lightning speed. Knowledge and understanding of the SaaS industry are critical, which is why you need a professional who’s been in the trenches themselves. This understanding extends beyond knowing the latest trends and technologies. It requires a depth of experience in the field, reading market signals, and knowing the ins and outs of the SaaS business model. A SaaS marketing consultant brings that specialized experience to the table.

Expertise in Marketing Strategies

SaaS marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. What works for one company may not work for another. SaaS marketing consultants offer tailored marketing strategies that cover a wide range of services – from SEO, content strategy creation, PPC advertising, social media management, to email marketing, and more. They bring a depth of knowledge and strategic thinking that is hard to find in an in-house team.

Increases Customer Acquisition

In the SaaS industry, customer acquisition is the name of the game. SaaS marketing consultants excel at creating targeted marketing strategies that boost your customer acquisition rates. They leverage their wealth of expertise and knowledge to create marketing campaigns that can effectively drive customer growth.

Improves Conversion Rates

Beyond just acquiring customers, it’s about converting those leads into paying customers. Optimizing conversion rates is a complex task requiring a thorough understanding of user experience and data analysis. SaaS marketing consultants work tirelessly to increase your conversion rates. They meticulously optimize each stage of your customer’s journey, turning leads into loyal customers.

Hiring a SaaS marketing consultant goes beyond just outsourcing your marketing efforts. It’s about bringing onboard a partner who can drive and scale your business growth, guiding you through the intricate landscape of SaaS marketing. They don’t just help in meeting targets, they help in setting them, ensuring your SaaS business achieves the success it deserves.

How to Choose the Right SAAS Marketing Consultant?

Selecting the right SAAS marketing consultant is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business trajectory. Consider these key factors as you navigate this selection process.

Look for Industry Experience

When you’re seeking a SaaS marketing consultant, their industry experience should be one of your top considerations. Go for someone who has been in the trenches long enough to understand the unique challenges and opportunities your firm faces in the SaaS market. A proven track record in your specific industry adds immense value. It equips the expert with the insights needed to create and implement effective marketing strategies tailored for your enterprise. So, scrutinize their case studies, previous work, and overall experience in the SaaS industry to ensure they’re the right fit.

Assess Their Marketing Skills

A vital step in the selection process is assessing the consultant’s skill set. Are they adept at the latest marketing tools and techniques? Can they successfully spearhead account-based marketing (ABM) goals in the B2B space? ABM – a focused growth strategy where marketing and sales teams collaborate to create personalized buying experiences for a mutually-identified set of high-value accounts – is increasingly significant in the SaaS industry.

Check Their Track Record

Don’t shy away from examining the marketing consultant’s prior success and failures. Check out the agency’s client portfolio and testimonials. These will provide first-hand information about the consultant’s level of expertise in solving problems similar to yours. Moreover, consider reaching out to their previous clients. They can offer unbiased input about their experience working with the consultant.

Evaluate Communication Skills

Lastly, a crucial but often overlooked factor is the consultant’s communication skills. These aren’t just vital during the initial discussion, but throughout the working relationship. The consultant should be able to efficiently convey marketing strategies, any progress, and setbacks. Open, timely communication fosters a better working relationship, ensuring your goals are met.

Remember, hiring a SaaS marketing consultant can be significant to ensuring your company’s success. But, it becomes fruitful only when you collaborate with the right expert who understands your firm’s unique requirements. As you embark on this selection journey, these tips may guide you towards making the best choice.

Benefits of Hiring a SAAS Marketing Consultant

Hiring a SAAS marketing consultant brings a plethora of advantages to your business. Beyond their extensive experience in the field, their contributions can lead to significant improvements in your company’s performance.

Saves Time and Resources

When you bring a SAAS marketing consultant on board, you’re investing in efficiency. They are specialists in their field, fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to diagnose your business’s unique pain points. This understanding accelerates the growth planning process, and they can guide you in deploying strategies targeting these specific problem areas. By hiring a consultant, you’re saving your team from having to sift through the sea of metrics and data trying to locate the issues slowing your growth. As a result, your resources can be allocated more effectively, achieving more with less.

Increases Revenue and ROI

A competent SAAS marketing consultant comes with a wealth of industry insight and a proven record of performance. This expertise is reflected in their ability to scale your company’s revenue. Skale, a renowned SAAS company, saw a robust 176% revenue growth in just four months with the help of a team focused on revenued-driven SEO. Likewise, engaging a consultant will increase your Return on Investment (ROI), ensuring the funds you put into your marketing efforts yield high returns.

Provides Fresh Perspectives

Engaging a SAAS marketing consultant brings a fresh set of eyes to your business. Consultants have the advantage of working across multiple companies, industries, and campaigns. This diverse experience enables them to bring new, innovative ideas to your table that you may never have considered. Their unique perspective can help challenge your business’s status quo, redefining your marketing strategy to cater to your market’s current needs and trends more effectively.

Offers Expert Advice and Guidance

Finally, hiring a SAAS marketing consultant equates to securing expert advice and guidance. They excel at increasing customer acquisition rates, optimizing conversion rates, and providing tailored marketing strategies covering a wide range of services. From SEO, content marketing, link acquisition, on-page SEO to ROI modeling, SAAS consultants carry a wide array of expertise. Their counsel and support can steer your business towards the right path, ensuring you make decisions well-informed by industry insight.

When you hire a SAAS marketing consultant, you secure a partner with deep industry understanding, ensuring your company’s future growth is geared towards success. Their role transcends the provision of a service as they contribute critically towards your success in the intricate landscape of SAAS marketing.


We’ve seen how a SaaS marketing consultant can be a game-changer. They bring industry insight, save us time, and can significantly boost our performance. It’s about more than just advice and guidance. It’s about securing a partner who understands the complexities of SaaS marketing. With their help, we can scale our revenue and get high returns on our marketing investments. They challenge the status quo, bring innovative ideas, and redefine our marketing strategies. So, it’s not just about what we gain, but also what we can achieve together. Hiring a SaaS marketing consultant isn’t an expense, it’s an investment in our company’s future. With them, we’re not just surviving in the SaaS landscape, we’re thriving.