Our Journey: A Timeline of Expertise and Innovation

About Resultris

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Tim Eisenhauer—CEO—Tim is a serial entrepreneur who excels in marketing, product development, and user experience design. He co-founded Resultris and Kokotree and notably led Axero from its inception to its triumphant sale. He’s the bestselling author of Who the Hell Wants to Work for You: Mastering Employee Engagement, and his thought leadership has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, TIME, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and CNBC.

Vivek Thakur—COO—Vivek’s experience and talents span various topics and domains, from engineering and product development to business ops and neural networks. He’s a serial entrepreneur, a co-founder of Resultris, Kokotree, and a former co-founder and CTO of Axero. He’s a subject matter expert, Microsoft MVP, MCAD, and author of ASP.NET Application Architecture and Design. Vivek graduated with an engineering degree (B. Tech) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT).

Education and Early Careers:

  • Tim Eisenhauer attended Penn State University, majoring in Information Systems and Software Development.
  • Vivek Thakur studied at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, with an engineering degree (B. Tech).

Founding and Early Collaborations:

  • Tim and Vivek met at a former startup focused on developing online marketplaces. Together, they created several innovative platforms, including a premier business-for-sale website, a job listing website, a franchises-for-sale website, and one of the first photo-sharing websites on the internet.
  • Both were invited to a Microsoft Think Tank to assist the Microsoft ASP.NET department in steering the direction of early technology. This collaboration sparked their friendship and discussions about forming their startup.

Axero Solutions:

  • In 2008, Tim and Vivek founded Axero Solutions, a software development company. Within two years, they expanded to 20 employees and served clients worldwide. Products we created for clients included: Social Community Software, Cyber Security Software, Online Marketing and Lead Generation Platform, Custom Lock Building Software, eCommerce Applications, and various other support services enhancing client products.

Product Development and Expansion:

  • Their journey began with developing an internal tool featuring discussions, case tracking, blogs, and a wiki. This tool became a sought-after solution for their clients.
  • They started offering licenses for their internal tools, which evolved into their SaaS product, Communifire.
  • They grew departments in marketing, sales, customer support, and technology.

Growth and Success:

  • Axero’s Communifire grew into a leading Intranet and Digital Workplace Platform, servicing hundreds of customers and supporting millions of employees every day for their work.
  • Axero won many awards in the Digital Workspace industry, featured by Gartner as one of the premiere applications in the space
  • In 2021, Axero was sold in an eight-figure deal, achieved without any external investments.

Client Portfolio:

  • Over the years, they worked with a diverse array of clients, including:
    • Fortune 500 Companies: Toyota, Charter Communications, Infor, Benjamin Moore, Luxottica, Schneider Electric, OpenText.
    • Educational Institutions: Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Prairie View A&M University, Roosevelt University, Seneca College.
    • Healthcare and Lifesciences: Edwards Lifesciences, CHG Healthcare, Press Ganey.
    • Government and Defense: Ministry of IT India, US Special Forces Afghanistan Command Center, SOCOM, Health and Human Services, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.
    • Others: TED, Dotdash Meredith, Orlando Utilities Commission, Ozarks Electric, Sunlight Financial, OPEC.
    • And hundreds of organizations you probably never heard about.


  • Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Mastering Employee Engagement – Authored by Tim Eisenhauer, this bestselling book dives into the intricacies of workplace and employee engagement, offering valuable insights and strategies.
  • ASP.NET Application Architecture and Design – Authored by Vivek Thakur, this book is a premier resource on Microsoft ASP.NET architecture, guiding readers through the complexities of software design and development.

New Ventures:


  • In 2022, Tim and Vivek launched Kokotree, a safe, educational preschool app encompassing a mobile app, web app, streaming service, animation studio, and education department.


  • In 2023, recognizing their passion for client collaboration and business support, Tim and Vivek started Resultris. As a digital agency offering online marketing and software development services, Resultris allows them to work closely with businesses, helping them grow and succeed. While Kokotree focuses on B2C, Resultris is dedicated to the B2B space, providing the personalized, innovative solutions that Tim and Vivek love to create.

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